European Space Agency | SigTB


IGASPIN's first project with ESA as a subcontractor (CCN2) for IFEN GmbH aimed to build a highly flexible signal testbed (generator + receiver). Now newly developed navigation signals can be examined.


The IGASPIN-managed CCN2 implemented the new GALILEO signals E1B, E1D, I/NAV evolutions and possible safety-related successor signals in G2G. IGASPIN GmbH is directly involved in the future of GALILEO. On top IGASPIN GmbH licenses a software module for IFEN's highly flexible signal generator NCS TITAN (see products).

FFG Vienna ASAP Program | iRTK


Under guidance of IGASPIN a centimeter-accurate GNSS receiver is developed for critical applications (e.g., autonomous driving), especially at low signal quality.


Together with the Graz University of Technology and Joanneum Research, main focus will be on the signals GPS L1 / L5 and Galileo E1 / E5a.


Inexpensive MEMS IMUs sensors will be used to detect so-called "cycle slips" in the carrier phase and to get a more accurate RTK position in adverse environments.

FFG Vienna ASAP Program | TACTIC


Together with Joanneum Research, IGASPIN GmbH will convey the importance of information security (in particular satellite navigation) to critical infrastructures to national state institutions (BMLVS, BMI, Bundesheer) in this project.


IGASPIN's Spoofers are used to perform targeted attacks on freely available (GPS C / A, Galileo OS) GNSS signals, analyze the impact in relevant scenarios (e.g., power grid synchronization), and evaluate the utility of a PRS receiver.


FFG Vienna ASAP Program | RADIAL 2017


Together with the company BLICKWINKEL and the Graz University of Technology a monitor system for the detection and localization of GNSS jammers and spoofers shall be developed.


Rotating antennas and an advanced software receiver are designed to detect potential interferers directed at GNSS tape in real time.

FFG Vienna TAKE-OFF-Program | DEMONA


A consortium consisting of IGASPIN and other local partners under the leadership of FH JOANNEUM Graz aims to integrate UAVs into the civilian Austrian airspace. A GALILEO-based navigation solution is to be used.


IGASPIN develops a compact software-based receiver with "leading edge" positioning methods for a highly accurate and robust solution. Data analyzed in postprocessing should help to improve the "safety-of-life" algorithms. Within the year of foundation, IGASPIN GmbH was able to win its fourth project with DEMONA.

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