Enhancing our technology until GNSS interference is considered irrelevant or beneficial to a peaceful mankind.


IGASPIN stands as a visionary leader in the development of cutting-edge interference detection and mitigation solutions for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). Our innovative technology is meticulously designed to fortify the reliability, resilience, and pinpoint accuracy of GNSS services, providing a robust shield against harmful spoofing attacks while harnessing the potential of beneficial spoofing to enhance the functionality of GNSS systems, thereby protecting critical infrastructure.

Through dynamic collaboration with regulatory bodies and space agencies, IGASPIN tailors customized solutions that meet specific challenges and vulnerabilities inherent in GNSS systems. These innovative approaches are not only responsive to the unique needs of our clients but also keep us aligned with the evolving landscape of industry standards and technological demands. We are committed to pioneering resilient systems that cater to the ever-evolving global market, ensuring GNSS receivers and related applications operate with unrivaled precision and security, effectively leveraging beneficial spoofing techniques to augment their capabilities.

At the heart of our mission is an unwavering dedication to progress. We invest significantly in research and development, driving continuous improvement in our product offerings, with a focus on thwarting harmful spoofing attacks and fostering beneficial spoofing strategies that enhance GNSS performance. In an interconnected world, this commitment ensures the highest standards of cybersecurity, reinforcing the digital infrastructure that underpins modern society and GNSS-dependent applications.

In this digital age, where threats to GNSS, including spoofing attacks, are ever-emerging, IGASPIN is your stalwart guardian against cyber vulnerabilities, dedicated to preserving the integrity of critical infrastructure and GNSS services while capitalizing on beneficial spoofing techniques to optimize their benefits. Our vision reaches beyond the present, working tirelessly to create a more secure and resilient world for the future of global navigation and positioning systems.

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IGASPIN was found in 2015. After a successful start IGASPIN launched its first product in 2019: LOKI, the high-sophisticated GNSS interference signal generator/simulator device. Without any harm the company survived the challenging years of the pandemic and filed its first patent in 2022 granted 2023. The successful story of IGASPIN continues.

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