IGASPIN is the innovative SME in the Austrian GNSS industry with a strong focus on robust, safe and secure satellite navigation.

About us

We are setting new standards

What we do

  • GNSS interference, jamming and spoofing detection and mitigation
  • GNSS software receiver
  • Signal processing
  • Advanced navigation algorithms and software
  • Multipath and interference mitigation
  • Artificial intelligence in GNSS

Who we are

IGASPIN GmbH strives for highly robust navigation solutions in the field of GNSS information security. Goals are, amongst other things, the development of products that can mitigate cyber-attacks of any kind on the GNSS positioning, navigation and time solution as well as customized GNSS S/W receivers. In addition, we offer contract work and consulting.

What we offer

Our Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Projects, design, testing and implementation
  • Consulting
Our Products
  • Customizable GNSS software receivers
  • GNSS jamming and spoofing
  • Sensors for interference detection, mitigation & localization

GNSS Products


The Ultimate GNSS Interference Generator/Simulator

The sophisticated spoofer provides real-time spoofing signal transmission, navigation bit prediction, GPS/Galileo spoofing and dynamic trajectory control. Software simulation includes pattern simulation, meaconing and record/playback. Jamming provides flexible software-based jamming. GUI provides easy configuration with maps.


Your Trusted GNSS Antenna for Advanced Spoofing Defense

Spoofing and Jamming Detection includes all GNSS frequencies and direction of arrival estimation. Spoofing Mitigation nullifies spoofing signals. The Rotating GNSS Antenna features a precisely steered, weatherproof, waterproof and heated rotating antenna.


The Ultimate GNSS Antenna with Jamming Detection and Directional Antenna

Our advanced system excels at precisely locating jamming and spoofing events. It comprehensively covers all GNSS frequencies, effectively detects jammers and spoofers, accurately determines the type of interference and precisely locates the source of the interference.


Your Gateway to Secure and Reliable GNSS Solutions

Our system effectively utilises a wide range of multiple static and mobile sensors to detect interference. It seamlessly shares information, classifies and characterises interference using AI algorithms, and accurately locates interferers with precision and reliability.

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