LOKI is a sophisticated spoofer that provides real-time spoofing signal transmission, navigation bit prediction, GPS/Galileo spoofing and dynamic trajectory control.

LOKI The Ultimate GNSS Interference Generator/Simulator

At IGASPIN GmbH, we proudly present LOKI, your premier GNSS interference simulator and generator. This cutting-edge device, developed in Austria, offers unparalleled flexibility and power, all wrapped in an easy-to-use package. LOKI is your trusted ally for all things GNSS testing and research in interference attacks.

Key Features of LOKI:

  • Variety of interference simulation and generation.
    LOKI is your go-to solution for generating time-synchronized and -unsynchronized spoofing, meaconing, and various jamming techniques, including noise, sinusoidal, and chirp.
  • Multi-GNSS & Multi-Frequency Support:
    LOKI boasts compatibility with multiple GNSS systems and frequencies, ensuring comprehensive testing capabilities. Currently, GPS L1, Galileo E1, and GLONASS G1 are supported, and other services are under development.
  • Customizable Attack Parameters:
    With an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), you have full control over attack parameters for tailored testing. This allows you to set up scenarios and configurations with ease.
  • Maps:
    Define victim receivers and spoofing trajectories via file uploads or integrated map applications including offline map, online map, and Google Maps.
  • No Need to Internet Connection:
    LOKI eliminates the need for internet access by sourcing ephemeris and Almanac information from its internal GNSS receiver, a crucial advantage for operations in communication-deprived environments.
  • Real-Time Location Adaptation:
    For precise synchronized spoofing, LOKI receives real-time location information from related sensors, ensuring reliable and accurate results.
  • Time Spoofing Flexibility:
    LOKI offers a unique GUI option to spoof the time, either into the past or future, for desired time lengths at the victim receiver. Test time-dependent systems with ease, such as power transmission, communications, and business transactions.
  • Explore Special Services:
    To enhance your testing experience further, IGASPIN GmbH provides special services tailored for researchers and students.

Comparison of the discussed spoofers

Services GPS L1,
Galileo E1,
(other services are under development)
Spoofing Unsynchronized,
Time spoofing þ
Jamming types Noise,
single tone,
Meaconing þ
User-friendly GUI þ
Intended trajectory Offline/online maps,
Fast change in the intended position during the test þ
(Via maps)
Independent from Internet connection þ
connect to sensors for real-time target localization þ
Defining the dynamic profile of the target trajectory þ

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