RIDe1 is the complete GNSS antenna solution, combining advanced spoofing detection, DoA finding, spoofing mitigation, and interferer location determination. With RIDe1, you're empowered to protect and secure your critical GNSS systems.

RIDe1 Your Trusted GNSS Antenna for Advanced Spoofing Defense

We proudly introduce RIDe1, the cutting-edge synthetic aperture antenna that leverages the displacement information of a circular moving GNSS antenna. RIDe1 harnesses the power of spatial diversity to offer unparalleled capabilities in spoofing detection, direction-of-arrival (DoA) finding, and spoofing mitigation with Nulling.

Key Features of RIDe1

  • Spoofing Detection:
    RIDe1 excels at detecting spoofing attempts, providing you with real-time awareness and protection.
  • Spoofing DoA Finding @ Elevation and Azimuth:
    RIDe1 accurately pinpoints the direction of spoofing signals in both elevation and azimuth axes, ensuring precise detection.
  • Accuracy > 1° in Both Axes:
    RIDe1 delivers exceptional accuracy in identifying the direction of spoofing signals, with precision exceeding 1° in both elevation and azimuth axes.
  • Spoofing Mitigation:
    RIDe1 adopts a sophisticated Nulling approach, effectively suppressing spoofing signals and safeguarding your GNSS systems.
  • Universal GNSS Frequency Support:
    RIDe1 offers compatibility with all GNSS frequencies, ensuring comprehensive protection for your GNSS infrastructure.
  • Innovative Platform:
    • 1-4 Rotations per Second:
      RIDe1’s platform can perform 1-4 rotations per second, ensuring maximum spoofing detection coverage.
    • Waterproof:
      This robust antenna is designed to withstand water exposure, ensuring reliability in challenging environmental conditions.
    • Heating System:
      RIDe1 is equipped with a heating system to maintain optimal performance in extreme weather conditions.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI):
    • Easy Configuration:
      RIDe1’s user-friendly GUI simplifies configuration, making it effortless to set up and operate.
    • User Feedback:
      The GUI provides essential user feedback, enhancing your experience with RIDe1.
  • Interferer Location Determination:
    By installing multiple RIDe1 antennas, you can precisely determine the location of interferers with an accuracy exceeding 3 meters, enabling you to pinpoint the source of GNSS interference.

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