INDALOS is your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of GNSS security, ensuring that your PNT systems remain reliable, resilient, and uncompromised.

INDALOS Your Gateway to Secure and Reliable GNSS Solutions

In a world increasingly reliant on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for positioning and timing applications, the importance of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) has never been greater. GNSS Radio-Frequency Interferences (RFI), such as multipath, jamming, meaconing, and spoofing, pose significant threats to the integrity and reliability of GNSS services across various sectors.
To address these vulnerabilities, we present INDALOS, an innovative solution born from pioneering research.

Key Features of INDALOS:

  • Robust Monitoring Methods:
    INDALOS introduces a universal architecture encompassing multiple monitoring nodes. These nodes, including static stations, rover nodes with visual-enhanced systems, and rotating antennas, are seamlessly integrated to evaluate GNSS signal quality at different receiver stages.
  • All-in-One PNT Monitoring:
    INDALOS serves as the all-in-one solution for PNT monitoring, offering comprehensive protection against GNSS vulnerabilities. It represents a significant leap forward in advancing the field of knowledge and securing GNSS systems across various sectors.
  • AI-Driven Decision-Making:
    To effectively handle the wealth of data collected from different nodes and characterize interference in specific areas, INDALOS incorporates an advanced AI-based decision-making unit. This unit ensures accurate identification of affected zones, primarily leveraging information from the rotating antennas.
  • Visual Assistance for Enhanced Security:
    The unique visual assistance unit integrated into rover nodes empowers INDALOS with a deeper understanding of its environment. This capability allows INDALOS to differentiate between unintentional interferences like multipath and intentional interferences such as spoofing, significantly reducing the occurrence of false alarms.

Discover the power of INDALOS and take control of your GNSS security today. The general architecture shall be redesigned according to your desired area to increase the immunity of the GNSS as much as possible.

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