MATLAB Code to Plot .pos file created by RTKLib

RTKLIB is an open-source program package for standard and precise positioning with GNSS. RTKLIB consists of a portable program library and several APs utilizing the library. RTKPOST is one of them which can generate a position file (.pos) using the observation (.O) and navigation (.N) Rinex files. However, RTKPOST is not a complete to analyze the values in the output .pos file.

This IGASPIN’s package contains a MATLAB code to read the generated .pos file by the RTKPOST, calculate important values such as RMSE (Root Means Square Error), and plot the following:

  • 2D error plot with 95% and 99.7% margins
  • 3D error plot
  • Number of observations during the time
  • Velocity and acceleration



In order to create a .pos file containing xyz (ECEF) values, in RTKPOST:

options-> Output-> Solution Format -> X/Y/Z-ECEF

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