MATLAB Code to Plot SSC and CTSSC

Compatibility refers to the ability of global and regional satellite navigation systems and augmentations to be used separately or together without causing unacceptable or harmful interference and/or other harm to an individual system and/or service.

How much additional interference is caused by undesired received signals r(t) when they are correlated with a desired spreading code c(t)? The “undesired” signals may be from the same RNSS or another RNSS. This is determined by the Spectral Separation Coefficient (SSC) between signals.

The SSC is suited to describe interference effects on signal acquisition rather than code tracking. To address this gap, a spectral separation coefficient for code tracking, known as the Code Tracking Spectral Separation Coefficient (CTSSC), has been introduced for assessing interference levels on the code tracking loop.

This package contains a MATLAB code for plotting the SSC and CTSSC. The effective parameters have been considered. These include:

  • Modulations of desired and undesired services
  • BW
  • Chip rate
  • Noise floor
  • Power of the received signal
  • Frequency resolution
  • Maximum Early-Late distance

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