Our project's primary goal was to create an innovative system comprising of an indoor GNSS signal manipulator and repeater, seamlessly integrated with 5G signals for indoor/outdoor PNT.

5GINOSEG Integrating 5G with an Indoor GNSS Signal Manipulator and Repeater for seamless indoor/outdoor PNT

The rise of mobile computing, including IoT and wearable devices, has amplified the significance of indoor positioning. Nevertheless, delivering accurate indoor positioning, navigation, and timing data presents significant challenges due to the intricate and ever-changing nature of indoor environments. While GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology reigns supreme in outdoor position, velocity, and time determination, it falters indoors due to signal attenuation, blocking, multipath effects, and interference. The advent of dedicated fifth-generation (5G) positioning reference signals and methodologies, introduced by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) in Release 16, has shifted the focus towards 5G as a dependable technology for navigation and timing.

Positioning in harsh environments

Within this context, our project’s primary goal was to create an innovative system comprising an indoor GNSS signal manipulator and repeater, seamlessly integrated with 5G signals, to provide a comprehensive indoors-to-outdoors Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) solution. To achieve this, we employed a hybrid 5G/GNSS receiver capable of navigating between these distinct environments. This solution aims to furnish precise positioning, navigation, and timing information indoors, enabling a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor settings through the utilization of repeated GNSS signals in conjunction with 5G positioning signals.

TUTI – more than just repeating signals

Our company successfully engineered a GNSS/5G/IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) receiver and developed a Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) system named “Tuti.” The Tuti system comprises a reference antenna, a software-defined radio (SDR), a processing unit, and transmitting directional antennas. Extensive testing has demonstrated its effectiveness in various scenarios, encompassing both typical indoor spaces and challenging deep indoor environments, as well as seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. Tuti is designed for compatibility with all GNSS receivers, and we have a pending patent to safeguard this technological innovation. As a result, users can effortlessly navigate within and outside a building using their smartphones within the infrastructure established by Tuti.

Our next steps involve extending, validating, and solidifying the Tuti system and the receiver prototype to support multiple positioning points indoors and accommodate multiple positioning engines, respectively. Subsequently, we will define the product proposition, taking into account user requirements and regulatory considerations.

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